Strathcona County Building Permits

This is a new format for understanding building permits. In addition to our standard report we are releasing the data in an interactive manner. This sort of data is useful for developers, real estate agents, entrepreneurs and others when making important decisions about such topics as location, investing or doing business in Strathcona County.  Each of the data visualizations below is automatically generated from our actual operational data, which is refreshed nightly.  Using this format you are always able to see the most current data, but also you are able to access the underlying data as open data - meaning that it can be further analyzed or downloaded directly.
Benefits of an interactive story
  • Able to annotate and tell a story, therefore providing more context for developers, real estate agents, businesses and others.
  • Allows the user to dig deeper and understand the data, within the story itself
  • The report is now indexed on and becomes part of the searchable data catalog
  • Reporting process is simplified, and also more efficient

Building Permits issued since 1997

This chart illustrates the cyclical nature of building permits 
At a yearly level there is much more activity in the summer months and less in the winter
At a decade level a trend is visible as the economy goes through a boom and bust cycle

Building Development 

This map shows the total sum of Housing Units from all Building Permits issued since November 2011 and grouped by neighborhood.
Darker shades relate to a higher concentration of the number of housing units recorded.

Building Permits issued by month 

The same data is shown in a table and bar charts, to easily compare a particular month over years.  The following is interactive, click on a permit year to filter the data.

New Residential Construction Building Permits

The following map presents new construction permits over the last 4 years.
Color represents the year the permit was created and the size of the circle reflects the Housing Units. Hovering over a data elements reveals underlying details.  Multiple elements can be selected to create a temporary grouping. Full data details can be obtained by hovering over any selected elements can then clicking on the "table" icon.