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Have a question for Strathcona County's Open Data program?
By completing the form below, your question/inquiry will be sent directly to the Strathcona County Open Data Coordinator.
Please provide as much detailed as you can so that we can offer the best assistance. 

Want to suggest a new Dataset?
Please use the "Suggest a Dataset".  A link to this form can also be found on the bottom of all pages. 

Have a question about a specific Dataset?
Each dataset Primer page offers a "Contact Dataset Owner" link under the "About this dataset" section.
While exploring a dataset's data,
  • Select the "About" tab above dataset 
  • At the bottom of the left side bar under "Actions" click on “Contact Dataset Owner”
  • Submit your question in the form provided
Please allow a few days for a response.

Other contact options
  • Phone - call 780-464-8219 to speak with the Strathcona County's Open Data Coordinator.