Open Data - Why Register

Although you don't need to register to access and download datasets, registration with Strathcona County's Open Data site allows you to:
  • Save data visualizations and customizations,
  • Comment on and rank datasets,
  • User your registration across all other Socrata-powered data sites, and
  • Connect with other developers.
Information from this registration will be stored electronically on a server in the U.S.A. and will be subject to U.S. laws. Please review Socrata's Privacy Policy before registering.
Below is a list of features available to non-registered and registered users.
Who is collecting my personal information when I register for an account?
It is the platform provider: Socrata, not Strathcona County, which is collecting your personal information when you register for an account. As a result, it is Socrata that is responsible for protecting your personal information and advising what it will be used for. We would encourage you to review Socrata’s Privacy Policy.